About Us

About us

We make sure that your every trip is comfortable

It was established by a team of security practitioners and investors. Right from the drawing board the main vision and objective of pacesetters founders has been to make a difference in the provision of security solutions and training to the client in a manner that would surpass expectations.
Our Philosophy is anchored on our unwavering desire to create VALUE and ensure that our services and products surpass the expectations of clients


Our Vision

Our vision is to render efficient and affordable security services and solutions to our clients. In order to achieve this, we actively pioneer changes in the delivery of cost-effective security solutions


Our Mission

To be travel management leaders in all regions in which we operate, using innovative technology to improve the customer experience and bring positive change to the market.

At all times, we will demonstrate a return on investment to our customers and suppliers. We will empower our teams to make the best decisions for our customers. Our shareholders will be at the forefront of our business growth strategy.


Our client is the essence of our activities. Our services are designed to enable our clients succeed in hostile business environments with minimum distraction to operations and profitability.




Our personnel are trained to be polite and courteous to all manner of persons in the discharge of their duties.


Our human assets are our greatest resource. We recognize the individuality and merit of our employees who daily risk their lives in hostile environments to protect our clients. We respect their dignity and dedication and ensure fair and adequate compensations are paid together with providing a safe and healthy environment for work.


Our personnel are trained to look smart at all times, that is, an outward sign of mental alertness. We add beauty to your business.


Our future success and survival is based on our commitment to understand and respond effectively to our clients' need at all times. To this end, we strive to add value to every service we deliver. Our clients' orders must be serviced promptly and accurately.

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